September 7, 2009

Still Crazy After All These Years

Kudos to Paul Simon, as Dana Goldstein follows up on Crazy Uncle. The title link is only one week old, and it already feels like ancient history in light of the White House's recent expulsion of an avowed communist (okay, Van Jones technically resigned) and the uproar over Big Brother's speech to public kids (No Kid Left Behind = Less Kids Go Forward). Wanna talk attacks on the CIA and our Afghanistan policy? Save it for later.

For the record, this it the ninth time I've blogged the words "Ron Paul" and it's getting to the point where my constitutionalism is no longer merely awkward. It may be just plain hazardous to my health. Oh boy!

Little Green Footballs blog has long ago summarily dismissed the good doctor as someone beyond "kooky," carelessly imputing white supremacy and racial prejudice to his philosophy, and mocking his supporters with liberal helpings of contempt and derision. Who knows? Charles may be right in assessing the damage inflicted upon the GOP by the protests associated with the so-called Ron Paul "Revolution".

On the other hand, as Goldstein observes:
"What the revolution didn’t deliver was votes—Paul’s best primary showing was in Idaho, where he earned 25 percent of the vote. Yet nearly a year-and-a-half after Paul officially dropped out of the Republican primary with a YouTube video, the influence of the Texas obstetrician-turned-politician—a guy still considered wacky and off-base by most in the political establishment—seems only to have grown."
The influence seems only to have grown. Hmmm. In January, we said here, that the lack of traction for his ideas was due to the fact that no one is listening. We said that given time, despite the danger, words "sink in."

The Socratic risks of free expression are evident where Goldstein provides example after example of stupid people taking good ideas about American liberty and perverting them into weird cult-like worship of the expounder:
"[T]he fact is many of Paul’s most ardent supporters aren’t listening carefully to their leader.
  • In Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on August 11, television networks captured William Kostric, a native Arizonan, standing outside a presidential town-hall meeting wearing a 9-mm handgun strapped to his belt. He held a sign referencing the Thomas Jefferson quote, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots.” Kostric’s MySpace profile lists Paul as his “hero” and someone he’d “like to meet.” The page also includes lyrics to a pro-Ron Paul rap song.
  • Eight days later in Phoenix, about a dozen men showed up with guns at another Obama town-hall meeting. The protest was organized by Paul supporter and fringe Arizona secretary-of-state candidate Ernest Hancock, who said he gave the police prior notice. During Paul’s campaign, Hancock designed the instantly recognizable “Ron Paul Revolution” logo, which flew on the Paul blimp and is frequently seen on T-shirts worn by the congressman’s young supports. Hancock also has a history of defending the anti-government Viper Militia, which was convicted on weapons and conspiracy charges in 1997.
  • One of the Phoenix protesters, Chris Broughton, a former Paul campaign volunteer, carried an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. “This government is the most corrupt Mafioso on the face of the earth,” Broughton later told the Arizona Republic. Broughton attends a church led by Pastor Steven Anderson, who delivered a sermon the day before the event praying for Obama’s death and calling him a 'socialist devil.'”
Lovely. Maybe we the people should just stop smoking all that pot, and quit being so damn fearless.

Warning: Poe's Law in effect. (SET Irony Filter to High)
© 2009 Roy Barin Santonil

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